Reading/blog reflection

1.  Why should teachers embrace mobile learning?

Like the article states in the first paragraph 77% of teens have cell phones and this is a major jump up from previous years. Cell phones are just becoming a bigger part of students lives. It is in this situation that you can either fight the change that is happening, or embrace it and utilize it, integrating it into your overall lesson plans. It seems better to embrace is simply because a majority of kids have and fighting them on it may have adverse effects to their learning.

2.  What are some issues/challenges with mobile learning, and what are some possible solutions?

There are some issues with mobile learning. The biggest being that allowing cell phones inside the classroom could distract students from work. But a solution to this as the article states is to engage students, and have them ask about any problems to other students or teachers directly. By providing the help in learning at any time it is needed when it is needed, students are more likely to be engaged in the classroom and less likely to be distracted.

3.  What are some examples of best practices and practical uses for your desired age group/subject content?

I loved the socrative program. I couldn’t help but wish we had something like this when I was coming up through school. I think this type of group participation holds interest, holds students accountable so there is less likely to be distraction, and helps in the learning process. For someone like me who aims to teach high school biology this is an incredible program and saves the school a lot of money by eliminating the need to buy clickers.

4.  Discuss how you might use podcasting in your classroom.  Discuss three specific ways that you could use podcasting in your particular age group or content area.

I could not get my podcast to work, but i’m sure this will change in the future when I don’t have to work with a cell phone and an internet that works just a slight bit better than dial up. But I would use podcasting to repeat lessons for those that may be needing help with certain subjects and want to download them to make sure they didn’t miss any important points. I would also use them to do a review of the week and tell students about what’s due next to help students who may have missed a day to catch up. And I would use them to explain processes in concepts more in depth to help students get a better understanding of that concept, much like what is done by Kahn Academy.


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