ASSURE lesson plan for 6th Graders

In our Technology in education class we are learning how to use the ASSURE system to create lesson plans for our class. ASSURE stands for: Analyze Learners, State Standards and Objectives, Select Strategies, Technology, Media, and Materials, Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials, Require Learner Participation, and Evaluate and Revise. I am a secondary teacher hoping to teach high school biology, but in this scenario I will be planning a lesson for 6th graders.
The Overall goal for them is that they write a 3 page persuasive paper on a topic of their choice. They will be expected to have minimal grammatical/mechanical errors and to accompany their writing they will be completing a poster, presentation, or some kind of visual dealing with their topic.
Analyze Learners:
The classroom is a fairly diverse group of students.
25 students (12 female/13 male)
Homogenous classroom culture
No English Language Learners (ELLs)
50% qualify for free and reduced lunch
Mostly 11-13 years of age
No major behavioral issues

Special learning needs:

2 boys on individualized education plans (IEPs)
7 students in a reading pullout program
1 student with a speech therapist
4 students could qualify for Talented and Gifted services in reading/3 TAG in math

Learning Styles:

Kinesthetic/audio/inquiry based learning
Only short attention spans for direct instruction

Technology Competencies:

Have had iPads for more than one year
Familiar with basic functioning of their iPads
No internet research skills

State Standards and Objectives:

Under English Language Arts-Writing/Common Core students will be expected to:

Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

Introduce claim(s) and organize the reasons and evidence clearly.

Support claim(s) with clear reasons and relevant evidence, using credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text.

Establish and maintain a formal style.

Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from the argument presented.

Production and Distribution of Writings:

Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing as well as to interact and collaborate with others; demonstrate sufficient command of keyboarding skills to type a minimum of three pages in a single sitting.

Research to Build and Present Knowledge:

Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources; assess the credibility of each source; and quote or paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism and providing basic bibliographic information for sources.


Communication and Collaboration

Students will use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.

a) Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.

Research and information fluency

Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.

a) Plan strategies to guide inquiry
b) Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media
c) Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.
d) Process data and report results

Select Strategies, Technology, Media, and Materials:


This is a persuasive essay, so some research needs to be done in order to gain information on whatever they are trying to persuade people of. But first since the subject of their paper is a topic of their choice, time needs to be allotted so that they can brainstorm ideas. Students will work in groups to come up with ideas for their papers, gaining input from other students as to what would be good topics. This will help them learn communication and collaboration skills. They have no internet research skills so time has to be used to teach them how to search, what to look for, how to tell if things are credible, and how to cite the information they have found. Once they have learned how to research work on the writing portion can begin. Students will be taught about the different portions of a persuasive essay focusing on, attention getter, introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and call to action. After this the students will draw up an outline of their essay outlining ideas. After the outline the students should be organized enough to prepare a rough draft and post it to google docs. The rough draft will then be reviewed by their peers over their iPads. After the rough draft and collaborative review the students can then begin their final drafts.


The students will conduct research using school computers as well as typing and posting their documents on google docs. The class iPads will be used for research and collaborating on papers. They will be using Microsoft Word to type papers and google docs will be used for review.


Students will use google docs to post comments and make any edits to each other’s papers that may be needed.


To demonstrate good writing I would find good examples of essay parts like introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions. The students will also have in class instruction and a rubric they can follow to improve their scores.

Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials:

Preview the technology, media, and materials:

As teacher I would preview all the iPads, as well as my navigating instructions for Google, and preview google docs to make sure all the features needed are available.

Prepare the technology, media, and materials:

Check all the iPads daily to make sure they are both working and charged. Also make sure I have enough handouts daily for all students. Any time needed for typing on the computer I will reserve ahead of time to make sure we finish on schedule.

Prepare the environment:

I would make sure any applications needed were installed and any time needed was reserved.

Prepare the learners:

Let the kids know in advance that this is a project that will be done during the term to help them mentally prepare for the project. When starting the project prepare them by teaching them web searching and citing techniques, as well as show them portions of well written persuasive essays to help them with their writing.

Provide learning experience:

I will break down the processes of writing a persuasive essay into steps to make the concepts easier to pick up and hopefully help them walk away with a better understanding of the concepts given to them.

Require Learner Participation:

There will be several opportunities for group and class participation. The brainstorming session will help students work as a group and the peer editing will allow students to work together for better essays. Students’ best at inquiry based learning will benefit from the class sessions where they can ask questions. The audio based learners will also benefit from lectures, and the kinesthetic learners will benefit from participating in the group activities.

Evaluate and Revise:


Assessment of learner achievement will be based on the rubric and the ability of students to work together in groups and while in peer reviewing.

Examination of technology, media, and strategies:

As teacher I would as how comfortable the students were with the technologies being used and gain their input if there was anything else they think would have helped them. I would also examine the assignments and see where any shortcomings were and if that was technology based I would improve upon that.


Students, parents, and teachers can all give input on whether they believe the exercises being done are appropriate and if they’re helping kids learn the common core outcomes. If there is anything that may need to be revised that can easily be done without major changes to the schedule

This is a rubric for the persuasive essay.


One thought on “ASSURE lesson plan for 6th Graders

  1. I really like the idea of posting their papers to google docs so they can easily do peer reviews! Often you are told to bring in a printed copy, but google docs would make the process much easier. Students also wouldnt be able to pull of the “I forgot” excuse.


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