True – Or Not?

In the article “True – or not?” by Debbie Abilock, we are informed about technology being used in the classroom. More specifically the research being done with it, and the importance of checking the validity of the information. There is an exponentially growing amount of information on the internet, and the number of articles out there grows by the day. Many of these articles are not so truthful. With this being said we are given a few things we can judge articles by:¬†importance or who’s weighing in on the article, trustworthiness or who is correcting mistakes, judging infographics or seeing who is behind the information on a chart, and judging accuracy or seeing what other articles may say. We are also given ways we can check this and told why it’s important these principles be taught to children.

1. We can define what it means to be information literate. Being information literate is a skill developed that means you can find, retrieve, cite, and verify the information you find and use.

2. Students can absolutely learn these skills. In fact its imperative that they learn these skills in order to know what’s going on in the world around them and tell fact from fiction. It’s also important for when they get into later education and have to begin using outside sources for papers.

3. Students can most definitely be prepared to use the most powerful medium. No matter what age it’s taught teaching information literacy is very important and can help students immensely. With earlier technology use though it is better to teach them early so checking information will become second nature to them.


One thought on “True – Or Not?

  1. I like your specific references to the reading article- it shows that you’ve read and understood the main ideas presented by the author. I would encourage you to add your own analysis and critique- think “they say, I say.” You’ve provided the “they say” part, now add your own view (“I say”). You can also make this posting even better with the addition of hyperlinks to evidence that can help you in your task to teach students information literacy. Were there any particular sites from class or that you’ve come across that might be useful to you in the future? These are the kinds of things that you can link to in your postings.


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