New science themed blogs

Going off the suggestions of who to follow in the science category I just followed a few new blogs. They don’t all necessarily apply to the educational field, but they have some interesting information. is a blog entitled Twilight Beasts is a blog dealing mainly with animals from the Pleistocene period, but does contain some material about their modern cousins. titled Bones Don’t Lie deals with mortuary and bioarchaeological discoveries. is a fun science blog titled Why? Because Science, with both information and some funny science gifs. If not in the science field it is still definitely worth a look to brighten your day. deals completely with bioarcheology and is titled Zygoma. is another fun science blog with many gifs and videos. It goes by the name Sublime Curiosity and even if you don’t find yourself in the science field it may peak yours!

Lastly a blog called Opinionomics is an informative blog providing thoughts on current science issues.


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