Question 3

In recent discussion of computer technological advances in the classroom, a controversial issue is whether is helpful of harmful. On the one hand some argue that it can hinder students. From this perspective, technology is seen as a distraction that leads students mind from the subject at hand and on to other things like social media. On the other hand, however, others argue that it can be a helpful tool. According to this view, digital technology in the classroom can be used as a tool to look up information or other misunderstood concepts while it is fresh in their minds. In sum then the issue is whether this technology distracts students and should not be allowed or if it is a helpful tool and as teachers we should embrace it.

My own view is that it can be extremely helpful. Though I concede that it is easy to get distracted, I still maintain that digital technology is one of the greatest resources for learning we have. For example, I am in the biology field and new concepts are constantly being taught to me. Some in which I have trouble grasping, I reviewed multiple times the process of DNA replication online to give me a good understanding of the processes taking place. Although some might object that computers can serve as a distraction, and they can with social networking sites and games. I would reply that it can serve as an even greater learning tool to where even if they get distracted they can use digital technology and the internet to make up for it. This issue is important because whether or not we oppose it technology is integrating itself into our lives and the lives of our students, and as teachers we need to learn to embrace it rather than fight it the whole way.


One thought on “Question 3

  1. I like your organization of your posting- you appear to have followed the template closely to craft an introduction to an academic argument. This creates a nicely supported academic conversation, where you are engaged with other people’s views and respond with your own. You should follow this format whenever you enter academic discourse – i.e. “they say, I say.” It gives a very well organized purpose statement.

    Now you can focus on your content. You should revise this a little for clarity- for example, I am a little confused about which technology you are referring to in your argument. Computers and chalkboards are both considered forms of technology. Is it really an “all or nothing” argument? Clarifying your argument will help you to explore your own beliefs about technology integration.


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