First post and answer to question 1

I believe blogging could be an extremely helpful tool to students. It could allow for clearer submission and reception of assignments as well as allow teachers to communicate important information more efficiently. Example: A teacher gives a lecture on an important concept in class and a few students either miss or have trouble understanding the concept. Putting the information online and allowing them to read it at home would allow those students a chance to pick it up, and an even better chance to understand if they are a visual learner vs. an auditory learner.

A problem arises though when access is given to a public network and that problem is security. As access to the internet becomes more available students should be taught early on what is alright to post and what should not be posted. Teachers can lead by example through blogs on what to post. By showing students what you post and informing them why there are certain things that can’t be posted their understanding of internet safety can be strengthened.


One thought on “First post and answer to question 1

  1. Your narrative style of writing fits well with blogging, so I’d urge you to continue with it. My only critique for this one would be to urge to you add a few more hyperlinks to evidence or other resources that you may come across that are connected to your topic- that will ensure this post is even more helpful to you down the road when you have your own classroom. Are there any other resources that you came across (either in class or on your own) connected to blogging that you think would be useful?


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